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Brazil Cerrado

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Country: Brazil

Region: Cerrado, Minas Gerais

Farm / Mill: Various Small Share Holders

Variety: Catucai, Mundo Novo, Catuai Red and Yellow

Altitude: 1200

Processing: Natural

Roast: Medium

Tasting Notes:

Dark Chocolate, Citrus, Nutty

Farm/Region Notes:

As the biggest coffee-producing country in the world, Brazil has had a long history of success in optimizing best practices in the industry. While Cerrado is a relatively newer region to join the ranks of Brazil’s success, it’s pillars of well-defined seasons, abundant sunlight, advanced farming, and entrepreneurial spirit forged a foundation for coffee to thrive.

Cerrado is located northwest of Minas Gerais state and is one of the most biodiverse and complex regions that is home to roughly 5% of all species on Earth. The topography is relatively flat to slightly wavy, with altitudes varying from 900 to 1250masl. Across 55 municipalities, medium-to-large-sized farms dot the area and can span anywhere between a few hundred acres to massive estates. It’s always sunny in Cerrado. With all its ample sunlight, Brazil is able to take a different approach to the natural process by allowing cherries to dry while they’re still on the tree.

While most origins pick cherries at their peak ripeness and dry the fruits on raised beds, the natural process in Brazil means using as little intervention as possible. The cherries are only harvested when they’re thoroughly dried on the tree, and the extra time allows sugars and flavors to concentrate with minimal fermentation, which results in an intensely rich, sweet cup and medium body.

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