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15g   medium ground coffee  •  240g water  •  4 minutes ( 2 min of brew time )


What You Need

Step 1.

Pour 30g of water and evenly saturate the coffee.

Step 1.

Step 2.


Stir the grounds to ensure all coffee is fully immersed.

Wait for the coffee to bloom.

DSC00561 (1).jpg

Step 3.​

Step 4.

Pour 210g of water in a spiral motion over the staurated grounds.


Step 5.​

Place the plunger on the brewer and pull up slightly to create a pressure seal. 


Step 6.

Wait 30 seconds for the coffee to brew.

Step 7.

Gently press down on the plunger with steady pressure.

Step 8.

When done simply take off the bottom cap, press out the grounds and filter.

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