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Seek to Find Your Adventure...


Great Coffee

Fresh Tracks Coffee is a nano roastery located in Boulder, Colorado. We strive to roast and brew that perfect cup of coffee that we all so ritualistically make each morning. We are an eco-conscious company and strive to find the best quality, single-origin coffee. All of our coffee is produced using either a natural or honey process, both of which are sustainable, equitable, and boast an incredibly rich and distinct taste.


We offer our roasted coffee in 12-ounce bags. 

... and let the adventure begin. 

Fresh Tracks Coffee was born in the heart of the Rocky Mountains and is ready to fuel your next adventure. Whether it's your perfect ski outing, a morning stroll on the beach, or braving your daily commute, Fresh Tracks Coffee will help you start the day off right. 


Here's to brewing up adventure, wherever it may take you!

The pour-over experience 


For superior taste, we recommend using a pour-over method when brewing your Fresh Tracks Coffee. The Hario V-60 or Chemex Classic allow you to easily make exceptional coffee wherever you might find yourself as the sun rises. Fresh Tracks Coffee also tastes amazing using other methods, including the Aeropress or your standard batch-brew coffee maker. 


Below you can learn the step-by-step process to making a great cup of FreshTracks Coffee however you so choose. Enjoy!

Order Fresh Tracks Coffee by the pound. We only sell whole bean coffee to ensure maximum freshness  We also offer a Coffee Subscription that allows you to place a monthly order that shows up on your door step


The Process.

In a time when we need to be

Conscious about or resources we strive to find the best quality Coffee that is produced by the Natural/ Honey Process.


Natural coffees are those that have been dried with all of the fruity pulp (and sometimes skin) adhering to the bean. In contrast, the wet-mill process uses water to wash and ferment coffee cherries to remove all the skin, pulp, and mucilage from the bean.


Honey Processed Coffee is the happy medium of a washed and natural coffee. They have “the body and sweetness of a natural while retaining some acidity of a washed. Honey coffees often have a syrupy body with enhanced sweetness, round acidity and earthy undertones.